Feb 9th,,, gotta work it out, Application in, rats nest, and lemon tree.

Here’s what we got done in the morning (shown above)

Here’s a link to the pictures of what went on, (check it,, without thinking about it, our car is being worked on right next to a lemon tree!! Now that’s a good omen!! (isn’t it?))

We got our application in yesterday, (big step). So that was fairly momentous. Hopefully that’ll prove our “skills” silliness, and desire to drive this hunk around a track enough to let us in!

In the fun categories, our left rear seized wheel seems to be bad, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. It looks like fixing it will be a part of a junk yard run. Hopefully some people will get to join Murilee Martin of the Jalopnik team for a junkyard run next weekend (I’ll be at a 2 year old birthday party in Fresno for the weekend so I’ll be out.)

Also, it looks like our stock seat could do just fine for us (thus a savings of quite a bit). We may coat it in some nomex for a tad bit of safety and grip. But that’d be it. Saving that much, while having a durable adjustable seat already might be just the ticket.

Lemons Ho!!