UMIGO karting, green track and a good time now open in Livermore

UMIGO Karting

Ok, so they’re not open till Wednesday the 23rd of so. Those Fire Marshalls are sticklers, but of course for good reason.

Mike, Shaun (our San Diegan), and yours truly (Fred) went on Saturday night to try out the new track, and to try out our driving gear. Here’s the results from driving, and of our gear.

In terms of UMIGO Karting, it’s on the north side of the Lawrence Livermore Labs

6538 Patterson Pass Road in Livermore

First of,, the track is HUGE!!! A lap runs over a minute!

The fastest lap of our group was half a second under a minute at full tilt. It’s that big!

When the grip comes in, I’d look to lap times nearing 50 seconds, possibly even as low as 45! For the distance travelled, it’s really something.

The karts are great! Electric start, Big red kill switch on top, and plenty of speed.

The parking is cake (all you East Bay folks, don’t worry, just come on down, you’ll always fit in the lot, and the security is top notch (there’s a national lab across the street with high level security doing driving sweeps often, you’ll be plenty safe!)

Best of all, it’s simply a great time! Click this link for more pictures of our time at UMIGO Racing in Livermore.

We got lotsa roll-cagey goodness done this weekend!

Finally Shaun got to meet the rest of the team (he’s our awesome Engineer/Roll-Cage master) from San Diego.

Armed with info from Lyle of Saabsgonewild and the gang at AUTOPOWER roll cages we were ready for battle.

We nearly completed the whole cage installation in the weekend.

More importantly Jaime over at 5-star Automotive (our anchor driver) continues to make magic happen down in Patterson on a weekly basis.  When we walk into the shop, more is done, and done right!  It’s so great! Brakes work, clutch works, my pants fit better.  It’s all awesome!!

We’ve got 2 bars left to complete the cage and we’re home free (then the dash’ll go back in!)

Here’s more pictures

We’ll keep you posted!